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3D Shapes offers you guides to the various 3D Shapes including Names with Printables, 3D Shape Worksheets for Kids, 3D Worksheet Quiz Games on Faces, Edges and Vertices.

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The printable worksheets concentrate on the following 3D Shapes ( Cubes, Cylinders, Spheres, Cones, Pyramids, Cuboids, Triangular Prisms and Hemispheres )     

3dshape3D Shapes Worksheets - Printables

These assorted 3D shape worksheets contain questions including  naming the various 3D Shapes  presented and entering the ( Faces, Edges & Vertices ) for common represented shapes.
These 3D shape brain teasers come in gif format and are printable.

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3dshape3D Shape Worksheets by Name

These worksheets contain assorted 3D shapes. Students must enter the name beside each presented shape. Each worksheet contains 4 3D Shapes. Answer keys are available here.

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3dshape3D Shape Worksheets by Faces, Edges & Vertices

These worksheets are different from the above ones with each worksheet containing assorted 3D shapes. Kids/Students must enter the Faces, Edges & Vertices beside each presented shape. Each printable worksheet contains 4 3D Shapes to Answer. Answer keys and information on Faces, Edges and Vertices for each shape are available here.

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3dshapeFaces, Edges & Vertices explained

If you're looking for answers for the correct number of Faces, Edges and Vertices on each shape presented on this site, the following page shows you the correct numbers.  
The following 3D Shapes are covered ( CubesCylindersSpheresConesPyramidsCuboidsTriangular Prisms and Hemispheres )

Faces, Edges & Vertices explained

>>> 3D Shape Worksheets ( True or False )

True or False Quiz Game involving 3D Shapes. View it here!

3dshape3D Shapes Printables for Kids

Presenting the most common 3D Shapes in different 3D Angles. You may print these 3D images for use in classrooms and home study. 3D Shape printables in plain Black and White and with Gradient effects too. A great way to understand various 3D Shapes by viewing it from different angles looking at the Faces, Edges & Vertices on each shape.

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3dshape3D Shape Names

Reference to a list of 3D Shape with Names and Dimensions. You can view assorted 3D shapes by Name and Pictures. These shapes include CubesCylindersSpheresConesPyramidsCuboidsTriangular Prisms and Hemispheres )

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It's important for Children to learn about 3D objects early because 3D shapes play such a big part in life. We are surrounded by 3D objects everywhere! If you look around you, virtually everything is 3D. These 3D Shape worksheets and games will help your Students and Children get a better understanding of 3D Shapes & objects